Egg Roll


Fried stuffed with clear noodle and vegetable.

Thai Spring Roll


Wrapped with rice paper, stuffed shrimp, ground pork and clear noodle, carrot, onions and fried.

Chicken Satay


Grilled chicken skewers(4) served with cumber relish, peanut sauce.

Steamed Dumpling


Mixed with ground pork, shrimp served with ginger soy vinegar.

Fried Tofu


Deep fried tofu served with plum sauce topped with ground peanuts and sprinkled with scallions.

Pot Stickers


Pan fried chicken dumplings served with peanut sauce.

Chicken Wrap


Sautee ground chicken, hoisin sauce served with lettuce cups.

Coconut Shrimp


Fried coconut shrimp served with honey mustard and thai garlic sauce

Combination Platter


2 egg rolls, 2 piece chicken satay, 2 winter shrimp rolls, 2 crab rangoon.

Winter Shrimp Rolls


Fried whole shrimps stuffed with ground chicken served with our delicious plum sauce.

Thai Spicy Chicken Wings


6 spicy chicken wings.

Crab Rangoon


Wonton wrapper stuffed crab meats and a blend of imported cheese with hint of curry powder